Harpo, Who dis woman?

Hey, I’m B!

My name is Brandies Mevaa and I’m so glad that you’re here. This blog is pretty new but the topics that I’ll be covering are as old as time. I’m a black woman on the verge of something great and I want to share in the journey to greatness & self-mastery with you. 

Do you have areas in your life that you want to improve? I feel you, cause so do I. I need to get a handle on my relationship with food, my level of depth in my faith, the dysfunction in my family and the lack of management of my finances. I know! There is so much work to be done. 

I hope you find an accessible, online sisterhood here. TROLLS will be ousted. 



I am a multifaceted human and I like to describe myself as; 

FUNNY! It’s my favorite feature. 🙂 I talk a lot, but I’m interesting  I’m very smart I’m pretty 
I’m so sensitive  I’m confident  I’m ambitious I’m open
I’m loving I’m caring I’m aggressive I’m direct
I’m charming I’m smooth and slick as a fox I’m competitive  I’m giving
I’m HARD ON MYSELF  I think no one likes me  I’m a mom I’m a wife
I’m  Christian I’m black AF I’m African (Sierra Leone, Guinea Bissau & Liberia) I’m a Woman
I’m 37I’m in IllinoisI’m a daughterI’m a sister

I’m a black woman on the verge of something great!


There are somethings that I’m not:

  • I CAN NOT SPELL! Not only am I dependent on Google, but I’m also dyslexic. I’m too broke for an editor, so if you see a typo, it’s just where I am at this stage. If spelling/grammatical errors vex you, Sis, I’m not gonna be able to fix that for you just yet. But if you are patient, I plan to get my weight up and hire an editor. 
  • I AM NOT AN EXPERT. I can tell you what I’m trying and share progress, but the answers Sis, I don’t have. I do offer you community and sisterhood as we figure this stuff out. 
  • I AM NOT PERFECT – Look. I am not, nor will I ever be. I still struggle with sin and l slack off. I don’t always follow through on my goals. And cussing is still a challenge for me. Pray for me if you can sis.

Let’s get stuff done! I’m here for you Sis.