Finance: Dreaming Big or Stay Small Sis – #BlingDreams

I’m a pretty practical person. In fact, I never even really realized that I was having a hard time dreaming big. I felt comfortable with my plan of having a modest lifestyle and to execute on my philosophy to…

 “Need Less & Give More.”


But I’ve been connecting with more women entrepreneurs lately, and I’m amazed at how well they dream. I’ve also been listening to Kev on Stage’s various programs, and I realize that I’m basically a CEO with little dreams. I think I’m so content with having what we need and working towards my life vision of opening a school for children and families that identify as black and an orphanage in Cameroon, that I didn’t realize that I hadn’t actually given these dreams a number. 

My financial planning has been captured in desires but nothing quantitative. I don’t think I’ve ever said out loud or planned to bring in a seven-figure income, which would certainly help me attain my vision. 

Maybe my lack of tangible financial goals is me playing it safe. If I don’t say what I want more specifically, I can’t fail. My whole approach to life and business has been to try something to establish data and extrapolate the possibilities from there. Sounds reasonable right? Well not exactly. Dreams aren’t based on reason, they are based on wild fantasies that have nothing to do with data. 

Data is how you reasonably attain dreams. Dreams defy reason.


I’d love to tell you that today, I know how to dream big. I haven’t, yet. I have some activities planned to get there. 

A Vision board – I think by at least witnessing how other women are dreaming, I can get inspired.  The awesome founder of Graceful Growth Counseling Services and practicing LCPC Tiffany M. Stevens offers an amazing vision board party if you are looking for a recommendation, I highly recommend it. Look for photo’s on my social media in early May to see it in action.

Talk to a therapist – I literally can feel some fear in my heart and mind around dreaming. I need to get down to the bottom of that. 

Feed my vision – Just like you have to feed your faith, I believe that you have to consume content that feeds and inspires you to think bigger than you ever have. Here are a few vision feeders I listen to: 

  1. Nicaila Matthews Okome – SideHustle Pro
  2. The Pitch is hosted by Josh Muccio
  3. Without Fail – hosted by Gimlet cofounder Alex Blumberg
  4. I Will Teach You To Be Rich – Ramit Sethi
  5. TED – 3300+ talks to stir your curiosity you just have to find the right one

Whether you’re a business owner, stay at home mom, caretaker, an employee at any organization, dreams are important. I once heard someone on the radio say something profound. I wish I could remember who. It said… 

Do you know what a girl with dreams is destined to be? I DO. A woman with VISION. 


Do you have trouble dreaming, or have you ever had trouble with it? Do you have any tips for overcoming it? Do you have a source that feeds your dreams that you can share? A sister needs some help.