Faith: Sure, some Christians Suck, don’t blame it on Jesus

I’ll be the first to admit that being of the same faith as the folks who decided to destroy Keurigs in support of the likes of Hannity and Moore, and the lovely woman who decided to obstruct justice in the name of the lord when refusing to do her job and stopped issuing marriage licenses because of her opposition to gay marriage, is tough.

I mean, what happened to the separation of church and state? Or the right to practice or not practice faith as you wish. I mean, America was “re-founded” by heathens. Why forsake our forefathers. This is America? 

Look, I will openly admit to being a problematic Christian myself. I struggle with sin and hardly represent the heart of Christ at all times. In the words of Inayah Lamis, “God knows I’m nasty, and he’s working on me.” I am in no way saying that I’m any better than my backwoods brethren who are likely getting hitched to their first cousin on their daddy’s side, as you read this.  I’m just saying that this isn’t a one size fits all situation.

All institutions that exist are subject to being perceived as the people who claim them. 


People are wicked, and I don’t mean that in a churchy way. It’s what my life experiences have taught me. When you give humans even the most incorruptible thing, they will pervert it.

It’s evident in our relationships, our politics, our schools, and our capital structures. It’s truly a shame that we are more shocked when there is a leader who hasn’t done something corrupt than we are by those who are caught being wicked. 

People would suck just the same, even if they were called by another name.


So, yeah. Christians are people and some people suck, so by default some Christians suck also. The truth of the matter is that there are some people who choose to act self-important and perfect. That isn’t a trait exclusive to Christians. Some people demand that other people do as they do or be judged, again not exclusively a Christian trait. 

Dare I say that the most guilty group I’ve experienced expressing that trait are MOMS? Lort, nothing more glaring than the stare from another mom who moms better than you. Whew! 

I have heard terrible stories of how the church has ruined lives. We all have. It’s terrible. I would say that just because it’s a church doesn’t mean you can trust it. The church is made up of people. We are supposed to place our hope and trust in Christ, not man.  

So no, I will NEVER apologize or feel ashamed of being a Christ-follower. I will not allow the perversion of this beautiful faith to be the barrier that separates me from my lord and savior. I thank all my brothers and sisters in the faith who are vulnerable and working on your own stuff, and not busy berating others for their perceived sins. Not only that, but I am thankful for my brothers and sisters who use their strengths for uplift and love. 

Be wise as serpents and harmless as doves. 

Matthew 10:16 KJV 

So tell me Sis. How have you stood for Christ/Faith without judging? Have you experienced being lumped in with everyone people have had a poor experience with based on any of your labels? How do you stand up while taking accountability and reasonable criticism?