Food: Time for a Checkup, Time for a Checkup!

I’m now entering week three of Keto. I checked in with my doctor last week to do something I recommend that everyone does. Establish a baseline on your health. 

Having a healthcare baseline helps in the following ways:

  • Serves as a point of reference 
  • Enables you to track changes over time
  • Highlights areas that you should work on and be aware of
  • Enables you to choose a lifestyle that is best for you

Getting a baseline established is pretty accessible. Go to your primary care physician and let them know that you would like a Baseline Comprehensive Physical Examination. This exam covers: 

  • Health History;
  • Laboratory Test; and…
  • Vital Records

The benefits of having this health data are mind-blowing. Here is an example. I had an appointment on Jan 30, 2020, where I was shocked into the reality that my weight was out of control again when the scale read 370LBS. 

During my follow-up appointment and just after 1.5 weeks of Keto, I was down 13.7 lbs with a better BMI and blood pressure. In two weeks I’ll go back for my baseline comprehensive physical examination to make sure I’m not deficient or exhibiting any signs that Keto is harming my health. But, so far so good. 

Keo is weird. I mean you are now trading sugar and carbs for healthy fats, veggies, natural carbs, and protein. The number of grams of fat I need feels intimidating and I often feel like I just can’t possibly fit any more food in, because guess what folks. 

Every other dietary plan I’ve EVER tried left me hungry or wishing I could eat. For the first time in my life, I am not just looking forward to my next meal. I eat if I feel hungry, track my macros in my new app MM+ (My Fitness Pal was making me cray with the inaccurate macro tracking).

I am a big snacker. I love chips and an occasional cookie. More of a savory girl. I mean the thought of Keto sucked because well… NACHOS are BAE! The great news is that Nachos are still bae, just minus the chips, and swap in some crip iceberg lettuce. 

The best part of Keto is that as a mom of three with no dietary restrictions is that I can simply swap out the start they eat with a veggie for myself. When we have pancakes, eggs and turkey bacon for breakfast, I just skip the pancakes. 

Before Keto, I was preparing completely separate meals, which just wasn’t sustainable for me. With work and with all the other things I have going on, I just needed food to be SIMPLE! 

So, I’m still new to Keto and learning ways to get my healthy fats to intake up and managing to eat on the go, it’s been great for everyone in the family. The food is also crazy inexpensive, except for that Kerrygold butter I love so much. 

I’ve enjoyed cooking all of the things I usually cook with some modifications and they are delicious. Check them out!  

What are you eating sis? Is it going with setting goals and getting them accomplished? Do you use any technology that you feel is a must-have for anyone working on a better relationship with food and health? I would love to hear about it.